Private Handwriting Tutors in Metro-Atlanta, Buckhead

Struggling students benefit most from a customized instructional plan

If you see that your child’s writing skills lag behind those of their peers, or your child’s teacher has commented upon or recommended additional support for handwriting, then private tutoring with Buckhead Handwriting is the best option for your child.


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Our process delivers results

We start with a Handwriting Assessment administered by our Certified Handwriting Specialist. This assessment will identify areas of opportunity within each skill area, along with physical presence and pencil grip. Our Certified Handwriting Specialist then develops a customized remediation plan to target your child’s specific needs and manages the delivery of that plan during your child’s tenure with us.

Our tutors meet weekly with your child for 1-hour sessions and focus on the specific issues highlighted in their remediation plan. We use the award-winning Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, which is flexible enough to allow us to meet your child at their level of competency and progress from that point. The sessions include multisensory activities, fine motor strengthening, and movement activities designed to engage your child and make learning joyful.


We value parental involvement

At Buckhead Handwriting, we recognize that parents are a child’s most important teacher. Thus, we strive to educate parents on the concepts and techniques that are covered during sessions so that you can continue to support your child at home. We assign homework each week and encourage parental involvement by providing you with the necessary tools and techniques to get and keep you engaged.


Our results are swift and measurable

Private tutoring students typically see swift results. Our targeted remediation tactics and meaningful homework assignments provide the right balance of concept reinforcement and repetition that is required to modify habits. Results can be measured against the child’s initial assessment and typically show significant improvement.

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Schedule an Assessment

The first step toward improving your child's handwriting is scheduling an assessment with the certified specialists at Buckhead Handwriting. We're eager to help your child succeed!