Handwriting Services for Elementary Students (K-6)

Handwriting Skills Impact Student Confidence and Classroom Success.

A significant portion of elementary classroom time is spent writing on paper. If writing is laborious for your child or their work is messy and illegible, chances are high that their confidence will suffer. It is likely that their grades will suffer as well.

When children learn the proper technique for writing, handwriting becomes a natural skill. Writing becomes efficient, allowing children to focus on the content of their work rather than the mechanics of physically writing. Confidence improves, writing becomes more enjoyable, and grades often improve. Good handwriting instills pride in a student, in turn fostering their interest in learning.

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If your child struggles with handwriting, we can help

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is handwriting difficult to read?
  • Is pencil grip awkward?
  • Do letters start at the bottom or are they consistently reversed?
  • Are letters too close together, too far apart, too big or too small?
  • Are words spaced inconsistently in sentences?

If you answered affirmatively to any one of these questions, your child will benefit from working with Buckhead Handwriting. We teach handwriting explicitly and systematically, using a multisensory approach to learning that has children moving, singing, and using fun, hands-on activities while improving handwriting skills. Your child will gain the handwriting skills and confidence they need to experience school success.


We empower families

We recognize that parents are a child’s most important teacher. This is why Buckhead Handwriting empowers parents to continue at home the support and instruction we deliver during our sessions with your child. We value family involvement and will provide you with the tools you need support your child’s writing development at home.

Skills Addressed for Elementary Students

  • Physical presence
  • Pencil grip
  • Memory
  • Orientation
  • Start location
  • Sequence of strokes
  • Placement
  • Spacing
  • Size
  • Legibility

Did You Know?

Studies have estimated that between 10-30% of elementary school children struggle with handwriting.
(Karlsdottir/Stephansson, 2002)

Learn More

Read Handwriting Without Tears’ Research Review, discussing the importance of handwriting, best practices in handwriting, and what makes HWT the handwriting program of choice.

Get started on the road to elementary writing success

Contact us today to schedule a K-6 Handwriting Assessment for your elementary student. This assessment is conducted by a Certified Handwriting Specialist and includes a parent interview, review of school papers, evaluation of pencil grip, assessment of writing posture and physical presence, and administration of The Print Tool, Handwriting Without Tears®’ formal print assessment tool. The evaluation session lasts approximately one hour and is a prerequisite to working with Buckhead Handwriting. This assessment is appropriate for children in grades K-5.

Schedule an Assessment

The first step toward improving your child's handwriting is scheduling an assessment with the certified specialists at Buckhead Handwriting. We're eager to help your child succeed!