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We are Atlanta’s premier provider for handwriting.

Buckhead Handwriting is Atlanta’s premier provider of handwriting instruction, remediation and enrichment services for students in grades Pre-K through six.

Our mission is to use fun, multisensory activities, music and games to improve handwriting and help students build confidence and success in the classroom.


We recognize the importance of handwriting.

We recognize, and research has shown, the importance of handwriting for academic success. In fact, teachers have indicated that difficulty with handwriting often results in lower grades on written assignments, has a negative effect on quality and quantity of student’s writing, and influences how long students take to complete written assignments (Graham 2008). Yet in today’s classrooms, teachers are often not equipped, or lack the necessary instructional time, to offer proper handwriting instruction in Atlanta and most school districts across the country.

We are experts who are passionate about your child’s success.

Buckhead Handwriting’s instructors are experts in teaching handwriting to children. We are highly trained in the award-winning Handwriting Without Tears® (HWT) curriculum, a program that follows research demonstrating that children learn more effectively by actively doing, with materials that address all styles of learning . We use a multisensory approach to teach print, cursive, and keyboarding joyfully, using methods that are easy for children to understand.


The team at Buckhead Handwriting is unique.

You may know tutors who are full-time teachers that simply tutor on the side, often in numerous subjects, to supplement income. Our team, however, is focused exclusively on handwriting instruction in Atlanta. We are educators with a passion for helping children succeed. We are also mothers who watched our own children struggle with handwriting as elementary students, and we are committed to minimizing this challenge for other children. We serve students from public and private schools in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Kristen Felty

Founder, Certified Handwriting Specialist

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